School Admissions


By law, parents must arrange for their child to start school at the beginning of the term on their 5th birthday, unless they have made other suitable arrangements, which have been approved by the Local Authority.

In Wigan there is one admission date for all children at ages 4 years' plus, with a closing date for accepting the place. Woodfield Primary School has provision for 30 Reception age pupils.

Please see our Admissions policy here

Admission Criteria

Admission criteria are used to allocate places when the number of applications for a school exceeds the number of places available. The admission criteria for schools in this section are:

  • Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEND), which names the school.
  • Children in public care.
  • Children with suiblings attending the school and who will still be there at the time of admission.
  • Proximity to the school. Distance is measured in a straight line using the LA measuring system.


The Local Authority have responsibility for allocation of places at Woodfield Primary School. If you would like to contact School Placements for further information, please phone on, 01942 486037.

Please click the link below to be re-directed to Wigan Council's 'School Admissions'.