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'Race to Rio' Lunch

14 June 2016 (by ADMIN (admin))

Reminder: A Rio themed lunch will be held tomorrow (Wednesday 15th).

The meal choices available are: • (MAIN 1) MARGARITA CHICKEN – Lime, honey and coriander chicken served with herby diced potatoes and seasonal vegetables. • (MAIN 2) BEAN AND BEEF CASSEROLE – Minced beef, carrots, onions, red pepper, diced tomatoes, red kidney beans, orange zest and cumin) served with rice and seasonal vegetables. • (COLD OPTION) ASSORTED PITTA POCKETS (Cheese, Ham, Tuna) • (MAIN DESSERT) CARROT AND CHOCOLATE CAKE • (FRUIT) PINEAPPLE, BANANA, APPLE, ORANGE and MELON • (YOGURT) PEACH MELBA