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  2. To all parents of children in Years 3-6:

To all parents of children in Years 3-6:

19 July 2019 (by admin)

We have agreed with the Reading Plus team that the children will not have to sit a new assessment in September to establish their level on the program.

However, as of 2nd September, children’s accounts will automatically revert to the beginning of the level which they are in and all accrued avatars and combos at that point will reset. Therefore, if your child is over halfway through a level, we would suggest that they do their best to reach the next level before September 2nd, in order that they do not lose the benefit of their hard work so far. As the programme is centrally controlled and originates from the US, we do not have any further control over the reset system than this.

The programme has supported many, many children to improve their reading speed over the last two years, and when it is used regularly, it reaps great rewards. Thank you for your support and have a lovely summer.