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  • Message for parents/carers
    As all doors, windows and external doors are open as much as possible to aid ventilation, the classrooms can be cold. Children may wear additional layers underneath their school uniform/PE kit . All children should bring an outdoor coat each day.
  • Parent Reminder re Covid Symptoms
  • COVID-19 Reporting
    Guidance for reporting POSITIVE test results for PUPILS
  • Polite reminder regarding drinks bottles
    Please can children only bring water in their drinks bottles (juice is not permitted). These bottles can be refilled throughout the day.
  • Polite reminder
    We would like to remind parents that nail varnish should not be worn to school.
  • School Lunch - Ordering
    We would be grateful if parents/carers choose their child's school lunch via School Grid rather than asking their child to choose when they arrive at school.
  • Polite request
    For children wearing lace-up trainers, please teach your children to tie their own shoelaces. Due to covid restrictions, we are trying to limit our close contact with children as much as possible.
  • P.E Kit
    PE kit reminder – jogging bottoms should be plain, without logos, stripes, etc.
  • P.E
    Please note, that when children attend school in their P.E. kit, school jumpers must be worn - not tracksuit tops.
  • Updated guidance for Parents/Carers
    Here is the latest guidance from the Dfe about early years providers, schools and colleges in the Autumn term.
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