Art and Design

Children explore their own creativity during Art and Design lessons at Woodfield. They learn about significant artists, designers and sculptors and how they have contributed to the culture of our nation, as well developing their own skills in experimentation, invention and creation of their own works of art, craft and design. At Woodfield, we have a dedicated and well-resourced Art Room to support focused teaching. Children develop their respect and empathy for others and their work through their learning and critique of artists and each other’s work. Self-esteem is developed through children’s individual work and pupils at Woodfield understand that work cannot be ‘wrong’, thus developing their resilience and growth mindset. Children work hard at developing their skills and knowledge, and examples of art through the curriculum abound through school. Art lessons are complemented by educational visits to local art galleries.

An artist leaving Woodfield in Year 6 is creative and proficient but confident in applying their personal style and artistic technique to sculpture, painting and drawing. They explore their ideas and understand how art can both express and evoke emotion. Y6 artists have a wide knowledge of great sculptors, artists and designers and understand how art has influenced and shaped history.