Religious Education

Religious Education at Woodfield is based on the agreed Wigan syllabus. Throughout RE lessons and also through wider acts of collective worship, assemblies and gatherings, we encourage genuine investigation into and reflection on, the implications of religion and belief for their personal lives. We believe that learning about different religions is a vital part of living in a multi-cultural society and that understanding of other faith systems and beliefs leads to tolerance and empathy. Kindness, empathy for others, and use of good manners is reinforced through discussion and collaborative teaching strategies, through which children are expected to apply themselves and work hard. If you have religious reasons for wanting to withdraw your child from RE lessons, please see the Headteacher, Miss Prior.

A child leaving Woodfield in Year 6 has learned about different world faiths and understands that belief and spirituality is an individual choice. They know about and can discuss features of many different religions and belief systems both within our country and around the world, and understand the importance of respect and empathy for people of other faiths and none.