We aim to develop confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment through our English Curriculum. Children work hard, and are taught resilience through the editing process in writing. Exposure to a range of quality texts from different eras and genres help children to develop the skills of empathy and respect for others. Teaching pedagogy includes collaborative working, which supports children to further develop their kindness and empathy for others, and use their good manners in all interactions.

The skills of Speaking and Listening are developed through pupil participation in assemblies, performances, class debate and discussion, visiting theatre groups, outside speakers and a range of enrichment experiences.

Reading is a key tool for life. A broad range of texts, from a variety of genres, are studied and enjoyed by our children, and forms the basis of our English Curriculum. Children are encouraged to read widely and regularly, and can choose books from both our well-resourced reading scheme and our well-stocked KS1 and KS2 libraries. Phonics teaching forms an integral part of our Early Years and KS1 curriculum, and children are taught to link sounds to letters through a variety of interactive and engaging activities, which enables them to develop solid early reading skills. In Reception and KS1, we follow the Little Wandle Phonics Scheme.  Sharing stories, both at home and at school, promotes early comprehension skills, and we place great importance on the development of reading for pleasure. As children progress through the school, becoming more proficient readers, greater focus is placed on the development of written comprehension skills.

Writing is also very important at Woodfield. Children are taught to plan, draft, edit, revise and publish their work, carefully considering both the audience and purpose for their writing. Opportunities to stimulate children’s interest and engagement are taken from a range of exciting experiences, including enrichment activities, visiting speakers, current affairs and the books which form the basis of the English curriculum. Great importance is also attached to the technical aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting, and children are encouraged to take pride in the development of these skills. Writing is promoted through other subject areas also, and children are expected to apply their English skills across the curriculum.

Children leaving Woodfield at the end of Year 6 are skilled at reading and able to confidently discuss ideas, themes and learning from what they have read. They can express author and genre preference. Children are competent writers, able to clearly convey thoughts and opinions, writing accurately for both purpose and effect. Children speak eloquently voicing their opinions confidently and clearly.