Music engages and inspires children at Woodfield, developing their creativity, appreciation of music, self-esteem, resilience and talent as musicians. We are supported by the Wigan Music Service, who work directly with children to teach them how to play instruments, both on a whole class and individual basis. Our children also have the opportunity to participate in choirs, performances and concerts throughout the year, both within school and in conjunction with other schools in the borough. Many children additionally take peripatetic music lessons, to develop their skills in violin, singing, keyboard, guitar and piano. Children across school are nominated for ‘Musician of the Week’, to celebrate their hard work, resilience and progress. The school focuses each month on a specific composer, whose works are played in each assembly, in addition to classroom learning. Children at Woodfield show significant kindness and appreciation for the efforts of others when watching them perform.

A musician leaving Woodfield in Y6 has had the opportunity to experience playing and develop their skills with a number of different instruments. They have both participated in, and watched, many performances and have developed their understanding and appreciation of the works of different musicians and composers over different historical periods and genres.