Design and Technology


Design and technology lessons inspire children to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products, using a range of tools and materials, that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. DT lessons often link to other subjects, including mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art, and involve children drawing on a wide range of knowledge and skills. At Woodfield, we participate in the annual national Primary Engineering Competition, where children design a solution for a real or predicted problem. This promotes creativity, resilience, self-belief and self-esteem, as children are encouraged to understand and believe that they can hold the key to world solutions. Expert speakers from the world of engineering inspire children by visiting school and discussing what is possible, both now and potentially in the future. Group work is a key feature of D and T lessons, where kindness, empathy for others, and use of good manners is reinforced through collaborative teaching strategies. Children are expected to apply themselves to the stages of planning, designing and making and work hard to create their finished products. Learning about nutrition in science links to food technology and children link their learning across these disciplines.

A Design and Technology expert leaving Woodfield in Year 6 knows that many jobs of the future may not have been created or imagined yet. They understand that creativity, resilience and the skills and self-belief in designing and making may hold the solution to future world challenges. They have developed technical skills and understanding, and the ability to test and evaluate ideas.