Science at Woodfield gives our pupils the opportunity to develop an enquiring mind and learn about science by observing, experimenting, investigating and thinking like real scientists. Science lessons incorporate both practical and theoretical work, and learning about the living world is complemented by experiences in our Forest School and Wildlife Area. Children are taught respect for our living world and the processes which underpin it. Science is further enhanced through combining STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to give real-life purpose to projects and cement children’s feelings of self-esteem and understanding of the world around us and the potential problems and solutions that could be faced in the future. They are encouraged to understand that they are the adults of the future, and hold the solutions to problems the world may face, both now and in the future. The eco work done throughout the school supports children to understand and empathise with the environmental issues facing the world, and build their understanding of sustainability. Kindness, empathy for others, and use of good manners is reinforced through collaborative teaching strategies, through which children are expected to apply themselves and work hard.

A scientist leaving Woodfield at the end of Year 6 has a good understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes which underpin how the world works. They understand how to conduct practical experiments, testing for reliability, and how different disciplines intertwine in STEM learning. They have a strong awareness of sustainability and environmental issues.