Mathematics at Woodfield is taught using a Mastery approach. Mastery supports children to develop skills of resilience and respect for the efforts of others, and pride and high self-esteem for themselves when they meet the challenges set by their teachers. Children develop a deep and secure understanding of mathematical concepts which supports them when moving on to more advanced concepts. The teaching of maths is based on the Five Big Ideas (Fluency, Variation, Coherence, Mathematical Thinking and Representation and Structure) which ensures that children are taught not only quick recall, facts and processes, but also how to apply learning in different contexts, make links and connections, problem solve and apply mathematical thinking and reasoning.   Learning takes place through a variety of practical work, investigative problem solving, class and paired discussion and is embedded with practice and more formal learning opportunities. Kindness, empathy for others, and use of good manners is reinforced through collaborative teaching strategies, through which children are expected to apply themselves and work hard.

A mathematican leaving Woodfield in Year 6 is numerically literate, and able to approach a variety of problems using a range of methods to calculate the correct answer. They display strong skills of arithmetical fluency and have a solid grounding in geometry, data handling and algebra.


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Subject Plan