History at Woodfield teaches children a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, our local area, and that of the wider world. Through our local history studies, children develop knowledge and a sense of self-esteem and  pride in our local history. We aim to inspire curiosity in children and a desire to ask questions, assess evidence, debate ideas and develop perspective and judgement. By learning about the past, the mistakes, challenges and successes, children develop their skills of empathy and respect, and by developing an understanding of the past and the diversity of society, children are better placed to face potential challenges of the future and consider ways to overcome difficulties. Kindness, empathy for others, and use of good manners is reinforced through collaborative teaching strategies, through which children are expected to apply themselves and work hard.

A historian leaving Woodfield at the end of Year 6 understands how patterns are evident through history, and can talk knowledgably about different societies and civilizations over time. They understand chronology and can explain how viewpoints, evidence and perspective can influence and distort judgements.